What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Working Blog (From Chris) February 21, 2017

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I, Christopher Russell, work too hard. At least, that’s what my mom tells me whenever we talk. And the truth is, I do work a lot. If you really count the number of projects I have going on in any given week, you’ll most likely come up with four or five. I have my acting job, my online job, my serving job, my editing job, and my composing job. Three of these make me happy, and three of these make me money.

Megan and I could live only on our acting salary. We don’t pay rent at all; we paid off our student loans years ago; and we have no dependents. So, why work so much, you ask? Well, for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, Megan and I are both from families that began with very modest incomes. We saw the struggles facing our parents and wanted to work as hard as possible to not be in similar situations. I should explain that our families also worked very hard, but, as I mentioned previously, we’re different in that we have no home or dependents to take care of.

Second, Megan had instilled from her at a very early age that you take the money while you can. This is very similar to our current situation. The serving and online jobs are very temporary, so once they’re gone, we’ll be out a combined total of four sources of income. So we’re working hard now in order to save for when we won’t be able to. Makes sense, right?

Third, and this is probably the biggest reason… we’re addicts. Not drugs or alcohol or anything like that. (more…)


The Ripper June 26, 2013

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When I was doing summer stock the summer after my freshman year of college, it was rough. And not just because the work was hard. It was just a crappy place to be. The boys lived in one cast house, and the girls lived in the carriage house right behind. The carriage house wasn’t so bad except for one night. (more…)


Almost Fired April 8, 2013

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Right after my husband and I got married I worked as a clerk for the Census for about three months. It’s really not a bad job. I answered phones and entered information into the computers. Easy-peasy. The only thing that really sucked was the commute.

I know half of you will think I’m a royal whiner, but it was a 45 minute drive each way in the middle of winter in Pennsylvania, and I didn’t know how to drive on snow. Or really drive well at all. Merging is an issue for me.  And I had to be at work at 7am. Which is torture for an actor. I work at night. It’s how I’m meant to live. (more…)