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The Phoenix and the Dumpster Fire January 13, 2019

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Between the holidays and some…interesting changes in my publishing life, I’m sorry I haven’t been over here to blog very much.

The publishing story basically goes like this: my career turned into a giant dumpster fire in about three weeks. I’m not going to go into detail because it’s boring and no one really cares, but within a span of three weeks I parted ways with both of my publishers, leaving thirteen books without homes.

Yeah, Happy New Year to me. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a massive blow. As many problems as I had with my publishers, there is security in a contract. In knowing that someone wants to release your work.

But, rather than wallow in the dumpster fire of my books’ being pulled from the market, I have decided to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the trash.

I will be (re)releasing all thirteen projects in 2019 along with some other great extras and awesome stories.

The schedule of it all looks insane, but I can do it. And the readers who have been asking for book three in The Tethering series for years (like literally three years people have been asking for The Dragon Unbound) will finally get to read the end of Jacob and Emilia’s story.

All four books in the Girl of Glass series will be released by the end of May. Maggie Trent won’t have to wait eighteen months between each of her adventures. Bryant Adams can run around Manhattan without being on a yearlong waiting list for cover art.

And speaking of cover art, Nuttycracker Sweet is going to get a fancy new look for Christmas 2019. AND here’s the first look at the new Girl of Glass cover art! (more…)


Music and Lyrics by the O’Russells August 5, 2015

Chris here again. Megan and I are writing a musical! Well, not the book, but we are writing almost all of the original lyrics and music together. So far, we have three original songs (plus the majority of another), I’ve arranged an a cappella version of the classic Christmas Carol “O Holy Night,” and we’re still working on more material. It’s incredibly artistically fulfilling and exhausting. For one thing, I’ve written a fair few songs before, but nothing in this realm of composition. And Megan has never written lyrics before. But it is incredible how well we’ve been working together, creating song after song in a relatively short amount of time.

Maybe all of our music actually sucks, we thought. But we’ve passed the music on to our director and to four of our best and most honest theatre friends, and the response has been unanimously positive. We think we may have a good thing going here. It makes sense. We work together on her novels all the time, and we spend almost all of our time together. So, our thought patterns have sort of synced up. I guess it just goes to show that though we haven’t had to spend much time away from each other, our hearts are just as fond of each other as they ever were. Probably more so. So look out, world. The O’Russells are coming to a theatre near you (if you live in Fort Myers, FL). 🙂 Wish us luck!