What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A New Time November 14, 2019

Things change so fast these days.

Remember when wearable tech seemed like such a niche thing? Now I always have my Fitbit on.

Remember when getting to plug your iPod in through the tape deck in your car was cool? Now I listen to music on my phone.

Remember when blogs were the happening place to tell your story? Podcasts are the wave of the future.

Every change makes sense. The way we interact with technology is changing every day, and so are our expectations of everyday interactions with technology. With more and more people using speech to search the internet and listening to their news and social updates instead of reading newspapers and emails, audio is playing a larger and larger part in our lives.

That’s not to say blogging, newspapers, and the good old fashioned letter are dying completely, but the time has come for me to take stock of what the best path to reach my goals might be.

And I have decided to move in a more audio/vlog direction.

I don’t know what that is going to mean for this blog. I don’t want to stop sharing stories with all of you, but I think it might be time for the format to change.

So what would you think about a podcast instead of a written blog? Do you have vlog channels you love to watch on YouTube?

I don’t want to lose touch with all of you, but I don’t want to be left behind by the wave of the future.

So, drop a comment or send me an email―how would you prefer Life Beyond Exaggeration to continue?