What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

#blessed June 10, 2015

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Traveling can be hard. Really really hard.

I’ve never been great at grocery stores. They’ve always made me panic a little. I mean, why would anyone need more than one kind of milk?! But I’ll tell you that story Saturday. And traveling makes it even worse. I go into a grocery store, and I don’t know where anything is. Is the Amy’s soup with soup or in the organic section? Is fruit to my right or left?

Even the simple act of buying food gets confusing. And that’s before you even get to waking up in the middle of the night and having no idea which side of the bed the bathroom is on.

Changing all the time is fun. I love being in new places and having new adventures. I can tell you right now I wouldn’t be able to manage it without my husband, but it’s fun. Meeting new people on every show contract is mostly fun, but the older I get, the less I love explaining why I hyphenated my name to every new cast.

However, I am one lucky girl. I just got an iPhone this year, and besides being able to facetime with my mother and my adorable nephew, I also have unlimited text messages. And somehow I’ve ended up on a text thread with a really great group of friends. There are six actors on the thread, and we text about everything. Sometimes I look down at my phone and see thirty missed messages. I laugh, I ask for adivice, bitch and moan, and join in the banter. But it’s always fun. Somehow I ended up at the cool kids’ table. Or on the cool kids’ text stream.

It may seem small to people who live in their homes with a satisfying sense of stability. It may seem cold to people who hate technology. But to me, it’s a lifeline to a theatre that feels like home and a way to keep a conversation going without having to go back to the beginning. 

I love my text feed everyday. #blessed

And by the way, I only hyphenated my name so I could cash a paycheck no matter which name they wrote on it. 

Now you know, too.