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Flying With Footwear February 27, 2017

I went to college halfway across the country, so I was always flying back and forth to school. As a dance major, I would always pack a carryon with all my dance shoes and leave less important things like clean underwear to fend for themselves in checked baggage.

It was always fine, and since my checked bags usually arrived three days late, a pretty great system. Until it wasn’t.

I was flying back to school after a summer of theatre and had my tap shoes in my little rolly bag. I popped it up on the conveyor belt and sent it through the X-ray. For the first time in my life, the guy at the end pulled my bag aside, saying there was something suspicious they needed to examine. Fine, whatever. I don’t mind being searched if it keeps people safe.

The man grabbed out my tap shoes and sent them back through the X-ray. They were super fancy tap shoes, so under the tap was a thin layer of metal to create better resonance. But this man didn’t know anything about tap tone quality; he just thought my beloved and expensive shoes were a threat.

He reached under his counter and pulled out a screwdriver to unscrew my taps and check beneath them! (more…)


A Gator Ate My Tap Shoe December 9, 2013

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My husband and I are epic road trip royalty. We drive cross country all the time traveling from theatre to theatre. We go eighteen hours a day listening to Harry Potter books on tape and eating huge amounts of gummy bears. It’s not that things always go right. They frequently go wrong, but as we have survived breakdowns, getting lost, and the state of Texas, I consider us winners.

We weren’t always great at cross country drives. It did take some practice. And there was a bit of a learning curve. Our first time driving from Florida to Arizona on I-10, we thought we knew it all. We had the car packed up to the gills, but seeing out the back window is a luxury we gave up on a long time ago. Everything went really well until we hit the swamps of Louisiana. (more…)