What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Stuck Siren May 16, 2015

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I grew up next door to a volunteer fire department. And by next door, I mean I could stare into their window from my bedroom window, which provided quite the education on the occasions when the firemen hired strippers.

While I appreciate that firemen, whether volunteer or otherwise, put themselves at great personal risk to help others, these men were just plain dumb. It usually showed itself in little ways that most of the village didn’t notice and my family was only privy to due to our proximity to the firehouse side door.

Like the time all the eighteen-year-olds joined the department and started hanging out at the fire station all the time. It took the chief a while to realize that the vending machine he had installed that doled out dollar beers with no one to check IDs might have something to do with the boys’ enthusiasm.

But the time that really took the cake was when the firemen decided they needed a summer project. They all got together and dry-walled the ceiling of the firehouse, boarding over and covering up the hatch to the roof where the fire siren sat. But that’s no big deal, right? What Fire Department needs a way to get to their fire siren? (more…)


The Cover Quandry November 1, 2014

Work on the cover for book two of The Tethering Series has begun! I am so excited! Pre-Release begins in February, and things are moving apace!

I love the cover for The Tethering, but trying to recreate cover magic while finding a way to tie the whole series together is tough. I know I want to keep the tree of life. I love that design, and the symbol is so important within the story.

On The Tethering cover, fire is an element in the first story, but not so much in The Siren’s Realm. The same holds true with the forest seen on the first cover and the hands. It’s not that those things aren’t important in The Siren’s Realm. It’s just not what needs to be the emphasis of the cover. And it might be confusing for books one and two in the series to look too similar.

I want water and magic. I want something the same as book one yet utterly different, and I want it to be blue-green. Or at least green. But I might be open to blue.

I know. I sound like a designer’s nightmare. My poor cover artist might be designing dart boards with my face intricately centered as I type. Sorry, Arterismos.

The cover should be ready next month, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, if you want to get a sneak peek inside The Tethering, check out the first three chapters on Wattpad, and stay up to the minute on The Tethering news on my Facebook page.

Update: In other news, look at my Toothless Pumpkin!