What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Deafening Distraction August 3, 2018

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I’m a pretty epic multitasker. I think it comes from my elementary school days. According to my mother, that school district would take every new educational concept that had been rejected in California and use it on my school.

One of those grand ideas was an open floor plan for the school. We had rib-high walls separating the classrooms. Yep. Hundreds of small children. No real walls.

I learned to read while hearing the teacher next door teach math. I learned about science while kids fifteen feet from me sang songs about history. There was never ever quiet.

Silent reading time only meant our class wasn’t allowed to talk. The classrooms on either side of us were still going full tilt. (more…)


The Backpack Breakdown October 25, 2014

I am currently doing a children’s theatre production while I perform in the evening big kids’ show. I love doing kids’ shows. A lot of that is because I want to pay it forward. I fell in love with theatre at a very early age, and I want to give a new generation the same opportunity. And part of it is that it’s just fun to be silly. I get to run around in circles and get paid. How does it get better than that?

In the current show, I play a third grade cheerleader who isn’t the brightest. My responses to math problems are things like “I like pie.” That sort of kid. I have a lot of fun with the part. I get to sit in my desk wrong, get confused about how backpacks are supposed to work… I get to be funny, the kids laugh, it’s great.

Then we had a special needs group in the audience. My role and character are in no way poking fun at special needs folks, but still, I was worried. (more…)


At the End of My Rope July 2, 2014

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When I was little, I couldn’t climb the rope in gym class. You know the one I mean… with all the evil little knots leading up to a piece of duct tape on the ceiling you were supposed to joyfully smack before you began to climb back down. It was never that I was afraid of heights (I haven’t been blessed with a self preservation instinct strong enough to make me fear heights). It wasn’t even that I wanted to give up because our P.E. teacher was a giant Dill Hole. (more…)


Anything but Eggplant! July 31, 2013

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I hate eggplant. I don’t actually know what it tastes like, but I hate it. (more…)