What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

U-Turn July 17, 2013

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A few years ago I was performing down in Florida. As it turned out, the theatre gods allowed us three days off starting on New Year’s Day. For those of you not in theatre, actors who are lucky enough to be employed usually get one day off a week. Maybe, maybe two if you’re lucky or in low season. But never do we get three whole days unless we’re unemployed. So, my husband and I, along with three of our friends decided to go to Disney World for three days. (more…)


My Passion for Pluto March 23, 2013

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IMG_0089When the blizzard of ’93 hit, my family was on a road trip to Disney World. No amount of snow and ice could stop my mother or our Corsica. We drove down the highway and laughed at the police cars stuck in the snow. We were on a quest to the magical land of the mouse, and little things like snow and ice couldn’t be allowed to hinder our epic journey. (more…)