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Christmas Ornaments November 29, 2015

Guys. It’s Christmas. Santa has driven his sleigh past Macy’s, and it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

I love all of it! I will hang lights from everything that holds still! I have already begun wrapping presents and am freaking out that I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping!

And I have the best idea ever for Christmas decorations! Since the husband and I travel a lot for work, (and are Disney obsessed) we have lots of pins and patches from our adventures. But I’ve never really found much of anything to do with them but store them in a box and find them whenever I try and clean my room and then pack them back up again.

But then I had the most amazing idea ever. I am going to make all the pins and patches into simple Christmas ornaments. Then my Christmas tree will be a memory tree.

Here is the first ornament, featuring Pluto of course.


It’s simple, and hopefully I’ll refine the style as I go. But I can still remove the pin from the felt if I want to change how I’m making the ornaments.

Now every year when I decorate my tree, I can remember all my adventures!

Yay Christmas!!!! I love Christmas!!!!!



A Plot to Save Pluto October 3, 2015

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Here’s the thing. I love Pluto. Not Pluto the planet, Pluto the Disney dog.

If you need proof or back story on why Pluto is amazing, you can follow these links to my previous blog posts about the wonderment that is Pluto.

Pluto on Pluto
My Passion for Pluto
Disney Dreams

If you want a history of Pluto, click here. And if you want to watch a video so you have proof that Pluto is the best, click here.

All right, now here is the problem. I think I’ve just established that since his first appearance in 1930, Pluto has shown himself to be clever, loving and fun. I don’t want to start a controversy, but I firmly believe that Pluto is in fact a better role model and friend than Mickey.

Yet Mickey has theme parks! Mickey gets to be the star of the parades, and Mickey has all the merchandise.

Now I know that it is too late to dethrone the mouse. It would take a coup d’état that would leave the small world ride in ruins.

But I don’t think it’s too much to ask to want a cute Pluto t-shirt, tank top, or even a nice hat! I don’t mean one of those weird hats with the droopy ears. I want a classy baseball cap.

And as for shirts, even Maleficent had cute girly tank tops in all the Disney stores. Pluto: nothing feminine. This02_ParksBlog_DogDays_PlutoPullShirt
is the ONLY Pluto shirt they have! The only one! (more…)


Disney Dreams August 22, 2015

Have you ever seen the video of Kristen Bell freaking out over a sloth? Well, you should take a second to watch this video because it’s fantastic.

Point being, I just had a meltdown of Kristen Bell VS. Sloth proportions. Why? Because I am now the proud owner of a Disney annual pass! I know lots of people go to Disney all the time. I mean, I was there only six months ago. But to have the ability to beep myself into the park whenever I want. Mind blown!

Those of you who have been around here a few times know that I am obsessed with Pluto. He’s my friend, and I love him. I’m going to be working in Florida all winter, and now on my days off, I can go visit Pluto! Disney dancing lights at Christmas? I’m there! International food and wine fest? Why, yes please!

But the real meltdown came when I realized I could go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! (more…)


Pluto on Pluto July 15, 2015

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Have you seen the picture of Pluto? But really, have you?


Look at it. No, really look at it.

Pluto the Disney dog is clearly silhouetted on Pluto the quasi – sometimes – planet.

Pluto on Pluto

Walt Disney was either a psychic genius or an alien. And right now, I’m voting for alien. Walt Disney had seen the face of Pluto while on his way down to earth Kal-El style. He grew up, became famous, and planted us all a little shade of his brilliance in creating Mickey Mouse’s loving and trusty friend, not to mention the best Disney character ever, Pluto!

And now that we’ve seen Pluto, we all know that Walt was Walt from another World! No wonder he wanted to be cryogenically frozen when he died. He’s waiting for his people to come unfreeze him!

I know it sounds crazy, but seriously y’all. Pluto is on Pluto. How else can you explain it?


The Actor’s Budget Christmas December 10, 2014

I love Christmas! I love the lists and the carols. I love Santa and the Muppets doing Charles Dickens. I love it all.

This year, my husband took me to Disney to celebrate Christmas. Since we are going to be working all day on the 25th, we kicked off the season early. We saw fireworks, met Father Christmas, (more…)


How to Love Your Dragon June 18, 2014

I have a confession. I love How to Train Your Dragon. Possibly to an absurd degree. I loved the first movie so much my mother bought be all the books. There was only one set left at the bookstore. One of the clerks had been hoping to bring them home to her twelve-year-old instead, but my mother snagged them for me. I read them all in a week. The movie departed greatly from the books, but I didn’t care. I had a compulsive need to read them anyway.

Then I made my husband buy me the soundtrack. I love it. When I need to tune people out so I can write, I plug in my headphones and listen to How to Train Your Dragon on repeat. Then I found out there was going to be a stadium show! (more…)


A Hundred Blog Posts Are Up On My Wall! (To be sung to the tune of 100 bottles of beer.) October 21, 2013

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Life Beyond Exaggeration has made it to its 100th post! Yay me! And a big thank you to all of you who have been so supportive subscribing to and reading this blog.

It all started on a bus. (more…)