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To Knock or Not to Knock October 7, 2015

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I have an interesting question for all of you: does it bother you when people knock on the door while you are using the bathroom?

I have a Facebook friend who rants nearly every day about how much they hate it when people knock when they are using the toilet.

Now, sometimes I claw at the bathroom door when my husband is in there just to see if he’ll get mad. Or just keep knocking incessantly to see if he’ll be done faster, and I can understand how both of those things could be considered annoying. But a sensible knock to see if someone is in the bathroom… I don’t see how that could be considered rude. On the contrary, it’s much kinder than being barged in on.

Since I don’t understand the door knocking anger, I asked a few of my good friends their opinion on the potty knocking. Unanimously, they all prefer the gentle knocking to the ferocious handle jiggle or worse, the blatant barge. Seriously there are few things more annoying than having someone constantly wiggling the door knob when you’re peeing as fast as you can.

Other potty pet peeves include the person in line in front of you who refuses to knock so you’re all forced to wait outside an empty stall, and loud door banging like the police have come to stop you from violating the poor toilet.

But I understand that like people gravitate together, so I should ask a larger population than just my friends. So what do you think? To knock or not to knock?


Finding the Root October 11, 2014

We all go through times in life when all we want to do is scream, complain, and stomp our feet. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the best way to get results. As people capable of using the big kid potty, there are usually chains of command to be followed, compromises to be made, and the need for maturity to be utilized. Not to say that there is never a time to stomp your feet. There is, but you need to know who to stomp at and make sure there isn’t another option that is less annoying to those in your immediate vicinity.

When I was on tour, there was a wardrobe mistress whom everyone loved. She was everyone’s show Mama and one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet. Not that she wouldn’t smack you upside the head if you deserved it. But it takes a bit to push her there. (more…)