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The Perfect Aunt November 12, 2014

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I don’t get to see my adorable baby nephew as often as I would like. I don’t live near my sister, and my schedule is crazy. Besides constantly asking for pictures of his chubby little face, I have all these activities I want him to do. I mean, true, I won’t be there for them, but I can enjoy the benefits without any messy cleanup.

For example, I want to buy him tap shoes. I want to see videos of him scuffing up my sister’s perfect floors as he shuffles off to buffalo. Not that I want her floors ruined. I just think it is a worthy sacrifice for such a noble cause. And a ukulele. I want him to play the ukulele with his pudgy fingers that can’t quite figure out how to put the baby cheerios into his mouth with any precision as yet.

And art. I want baby art to paste onto the cast house fridge! Handprints and squiggles for everyone!!!!!! I’ve been told I can’t buy the tap shoes till he’s mastered walking. No ukulele till he’s three. But I actually managed to convince her to let my buy the baby organic crayons and paint. The sofa and walls may be doomed, but by George, this Aunt is going to get her fridge art. Score one for Aunt Megan!!!


Childlike Tendencies October 27, 2014

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Yesterday I got to play with my eight-month-old nephew! He has two teeth and two more coming in. All on the bottom so he looks like Mr. Magoo. We crawled on the floor. We made funny sounds, and he used me as a human jungle gym. And then I realized… I function at the same basic level as my eight-month-old nephew. All I want to do is roll on the floor and be cuddle and played with. And I want to be fed and sleep in a warm bed. But really, rolling on the floor is enough to keep me happy for hours.

I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. I am essentially a baby who can walk and type. I’m going to go play with pumpkins now. Also one of my nephew’s favorite activities.