What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Crete Blockade May 1, 2018

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I present you all with a mystery.

The husband and I are currently putting the finishing touches on our trip to Greece and Italy. Because that’s what you do as soon as you finish living on a bus for seven months: you go travel more.

Things were going really well as far as trip planning, but then we got an email cancelling our flight from Crete to Venice. Which is weird. I mean, I’ve had flights changed, or been merged onto a later flight. But they just canceled. Sent an email saying, “Oops, you’re on your own to get off of Crete.” (more…)


The Great Boob Detective July 20, 2013

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Sometimes I lose things. Alright, I lose things all the time. I lose my hairbrush at least once a day.

When my husband and I were out on tour, I liked to go onstage and warm up before the show, get the bus kinks out, be a responsible performer, all that good stuff. Well, one day I was warming up, and for some reason my favorite necklace kept catching on my chin. I was worried about breaking the chain, so I took off the necklace and put it in the safest place I had. My bra. (more…)


The Case of the Black Bra (Rated PG-13) June 1, 2013

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One day when I was a sophomore in college I was walking by my husband’s dorm room window. It was Halloween, and he had put a giant twinkle light spider up in his window. I smiled as I walked past, knowing how proud he was of his decorations since Halloween was and is to this day his favorite holiday. I glanced at the window next to his. I should explain that the windows in this dorm reached from waist height to the ceiling and spanned the length of the room. So any logical person closed the window when they were changing, or changed in the bathrooms that connected each of the suites.

Now, as I looked at the window next to his, I saw his suitemate come out of the bathroom shirtless. (more…)