What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Disney Dreams August 22, 2015

Have you ever seen the video of Kristen Bell freaking out over a sloth? Well, you should take a second to watch this video because it’s fantastic.

Point being, I just had a meltdown of Kristen Bell VS. Sloth proportions. Why? Because I am now the proud owner of a Disney annual pass! I know lots of people go to Disney all the time. I mean, I was there only six months ago. But to have the ability to beep myself into the park whenever I want. Mind blown!

Those of you who have been around here a few times know that I am obsessed with Pluto. He’s my friend, and I love him. I’m going to be working in Florida all winter, and now on my days off, I can go visit Pluto! Disney dancing lights at Christmas? I’m there! International food and wine fest? Why, yes please!

But the real meltdown came when I realized I could go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! (more…)


Hazards of Halloween November 3, 2014

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I’m afraid of scissors. And knives. Basically, anything that has the potential to cut me. Not for the normal “cutting your fingers hurts” reason. I’m allergic to stitches. I know. This makes me even more ridiculous than you had previously thought. (more…)


I’m All Alone in Here October 22, 2014

My mother’s house is across the street from a church. The congregation has been meeting there for 176 years, but the church was built in 1880. The original church burned down in 1878.

That was before the town had a real fire department. It was back in the days of ring a bell and everyone comes out with a bucket and hopes for the best. General Brown who owned our house in 1878, heard the bell and ran out to the church, helping with the bucket brigade and leaving his little girl in her room, watching the church burn through her window.

The little girl, Kit, was not pleased. She was not used to being abandoned in the house. So she took her chamber pot and threw it out the window screaming “I’m all alone in here!” Now, no one heard her over the noise from the fire, but Kit did discover that throwing china things out her window was indeed satisfying. She went and got her brother’s chamber pot and threw that out the window, again shouting “I’m all alone in here!” Soon she was taking everything she could find in the bedroom that might make a satisfying noise when it shattered in front on the house. “I’m all alone on here!” Crash!



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas… Already November 2, 2013

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On Halloween day this year, I started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol. I’m a big Christmas lover, and A Christmas Carol is my favorite movies. The Muppets’ version, that is. It’s just a bit strange to start working on Christmas while worrying about turning off the porch light so scary pirates don’t hate me for not having a bowl of candy ready for them. Sorry, kids. (more…)


Headless Hunt — Why I Need Therapy: Part I October 30, 2013

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One day when I was a very little girl, I was bored and had to pee. I wanted someone to play with me and take me to the bathroom. There were lots of people at my house, but I didn’t know any of them. And they all looked busy. The door to the basement was open, and in a show of bravery that would not be willingly repeated for years, I went down. I found someone I knew there. Well I found her head. It was on a table covered in blood. (more…)


Hanging Out in the Haunted House October 28, 2013

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My husband’s favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s a little weird. But I love him, so I deal with it. Every year, we try to find some really fun, exciting Halloween thing to do. Sometimes it’s a local haunted house, sometimes it’s scaring the pee out of small children at his parent’s house. But one year, we managed to make it to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando. This place is like the holy grail of pooping yourself in fear. (more…)


Pretty Pretty Princess October 19, 2013

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When I was growing up, my father always made my Halloween costumes. And he didn’t just stick pipe cleaners on a headband. I had hand sewn, beautiful costumes every year. At the end of the summer, my mother would take me to the fabric store and let me look through the patterns. I would decide what I wanted to be, and we would choose the fabric. My father would take all of my measurements and start building my costume. The week before Halloween, we would do a costume fitting to make sure I was perfect for the big day. (more…)