What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Knees VS The Heart March 6, 2018

It’s official. I’m old.

Not that old, but too old to do things like this:


Recently, touring with The Wizard of Oz delivered the husband and me to Saint Louis, and, of course, we had to take a trip to the City Museum.


The place is amazing. It’s like an adult got day drunk, stumbled by a kids’ park, and was like, “Damn. Kids have all the fun. I’m going to build something better where adults can climb stuff. And there’s going to be a bar inside the jungle gyms. No! Multiple bars. Yeah.” (more…)


The Best Worst Idea Ever March 7, 2015

When I was little, my mother took my whole Girl Scout troop to a lodge every winter. For more background of that lodge and how it nearly killed me a few times, click here.

But this story is about how I almost got my sister killed. Love you, sis!

See we wanted to go sledding down the giant hill, but for some grownup reason, that just couldn’t be allowed this time.

There was a little hill out in front of the lodge, and all the adults said that was plenty big enough for sledding. We went down it a few times, but it was honestly anti-climactic. The adults went inside to do grownup things, and we tried to have fun with our terrible hill.

But then we realized that if we built a snow ramp at the bottom, we could fly into the air and land in the parking lot. This was clearly better than just meandering slowly down the hill on a sled. (more…)


The Flying Phone November 11, 2013

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Sometimes I am not so very smart. Sometimes horrible things happen because of this unfortunate trait.

My husband and I have spent a lot of time working in Florida. And we love Disney World and Islands of Adventure. When we visit Orlando, we wake up at 5am and head toward adventure! I’m not a morning person, so my brain is fairly non-functional on these really early drives.

One fateful morning, we loaded our friends into the car horribly early and started driving down the road. We turned onto the main road a block away from our condo, and one of my tired friends said, “Megan, is your phone pink?”

“Yes,” I mumbled, curling up in my seat.

“Oh… ‘cause something pink just flew off the roof of the car.”

My phone, which I had only had for a week, had flown off the roof of the car and into traffic.

I said to leave it, but one of the guys in the car opened his door and ran across the six-lane road on a desperate rescue mission. Miraculously, he made it back to the car with my phone. The little pink phone hadn’t even turned off.

The pink phone and its case are still with me today. True, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing for someone to run across traffic to save it, but I love my little phone. Qwerty keyboard and all.