What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Mission Impossible: Dorm Style (Rated PG) April 4, 2015

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The dorm I lived in freshman year of college was as close to a penitentiary as you can get while paying private school tuition. There were no windows that opened. (I’ll tell you that story sometime.) There were guards at the doors, and there was an evil woman named Mary who could project her voice into your room at two in the morning if the demon spirit moved her. There was also a strict ban on boys outside of business hours.

Needless to say, the ban did not go over too well with a bunch of hormonal college freshman. There were a few boys sneaking in dressed as girls. There were a few boys who came in legally and stayed illegally, causing dorm-wide manhunts. And there was one college freshman boy who went above and beyond in search of boobies. (more…)