What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Dirty Schavarny January 26, 2017

So, I had to take a plane ride by myself last week. No husband to keep me company and watch my bag while I used the airport bathroom. For those of you who know how terribly co-dependent I am, you know this was a trying endeavor.

But don’t worry, the universe provided me with entertainment. The problem is that the entertainment had to do with some rather sexual things. So when I say schavarny, what I really mean is a c-word that could be a type of chicken. Get it? Okay, moving on.

I’m settling into my seat on my super early morning flight. Already have my eye mask on, am snuggled in next to the window ready to try and sleep the next few hours into non-existence, when I hear a male voice behind me.

“His schavarny grew in her hand? I thought you didn’t read that stuff.”


The woman he’s with instantly gets defensive. (more…)


Dirty Books in the Making (Rated PG-13) June 4, 2014

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Since my husband spends the vast majority of his free time alternately helping me with my writing and bringing me juice boxes when I have editing nervous breakdowns, he has now become interested in becoming an author. I think it’s a great idea. He’s really great with grammar, knows lots about editing, and is wildly creative. But he’s decided he wants to write a sci-fi/thriller dirty book. Not a romance. A dirty book. (more…)