What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

When All Else Fails March 29, 2014

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When I was sixteen, the boy I liked told me I could never win the biggest scouting event in the country. Not without him. So, I formed a ragtag group of six and we beat groups of thirty to win.

When I was in college, my Dean told me I would never graduate without his help. I graduated from another college three weeks later.

My department head in college said I was too heavy to be a dancer and would never work in show business. I’ve been a professional performer for seven years.

And this week, my publisher closed its doors not even two months before my book The Tethering was set to release. (more…)


I Hate Spoilers: Your Friendly Wednesday Morning Rant December 4, 2013

I hate spoilers. I often even say “Spoilers” in my best River Song impersonation from Doctor Who. If I say I am in the middle of a book and you tell me “Oh, just wait until Jack Butterbutt dies. That’s when it gets really good,” you are in fact risking your life. (more…)