What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Mewing in the Night March 12, 2016

I want a kitten. I know I’ve said it a million times before, but damn I want a kitten. I want a kitten who will run up and greet me when I come home, snuggle with me when content edits become too much, and do funny things that will provide blog material for years to come.

Every time I get to the part where I want my cat to run up and greet me, I always get confused stares and, “I think you mean you want a dog. Dogs run up to greet you.”

But I had three cats when I was growing up. Three amazing cats we bottle-fed as kittens. They were indoor/outdoor cats, and when they heard the distinctive rattle of my mother’s car, they would come running to the driveway, weave in and of our legs as we tried to get to the door, and stare at us until we either sat down to cuddle them or fed them.

They would come when we called them, and always wanted attention. They were the best cats ever. And I know finding a cat as loving and amazing as those three were would be neigh on impossible. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try.

I’ve been known to ugly cry over cute kittens. Open-mouth ugly cry over Facebook videos of kittens.

But I think I hit a new low a few nights ago. (more…)


The Truth About Cats and Dogs… and Me February 4, 2015

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I have spent the last five weeks dog sitting. And I have learned one very important thing: I am a cat person.

It’s not that I hate those dogs, though one of them can be… difficult.  It’s the time commitment. Cats can take care of themselves. If you leave the house for twelve hours, you come home and they’re like,”Lowly human. You have returned to my kingdom. I thought you had perished. I accept your presence in my domain.”

With dogs, you’re gone for like four hours, you come home and they’re all like, “I thought you were DEAD!!!!! I almost DIED!!!!!  And I must PEEEE! Maybe on YOU!!!!!!!”

That is way too much pressure.

And it’s not just the having to pick up the poop. (more…)


From the Desk of the Dog Sitter (And By Desk, I Mean Lanai. Who Am I to Refuse a Lanai?) January 5, 2015

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Dearest Friends and Readers,

Normally on a Monday, I would tell a tale of the harrowing or hysterical to try and relieve some of the doldrums that seem to so nastily coincide with monotonous work and lack of coffee. However, on this bright and lovely day as I sit on the lanai, watching the golf carts go by, I find it an insurmountable task to think of anything that would amuse you.

My current position as dog wrangler and house sitter has left me in a lovely environment. Aside from the daily adventures of playing B-A-L-L and trying to figure out why the dog is barking at the wall, this has been a tranquil time. Even the lions are resigned to their positions as water filters.

Excitement may ensue this evening when we conquer the great challenge of the heartworm medicine.

In the meantime, I will work on my new literary pursuit. A most secret new novel that I’m sure will provide trials and tribulations to delight all those who enjoy schädenfreude.

I would also like you all to meet my new editor. He is strongly opposed to head hopping but does enjoy a good run on sentence.

And this is my literary agent. He is encouraging me to develop a new series.


Wishing you all the best in your writing pursuits,

Yours Sincerely,

Megan O’Russell


The Angry Beaver July 7, 2014

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Last week, my husband and I made our way to beautiful Talkeetna, Alaska. We had a wonderful train ride getting there and had the privilege of getting to see Mount McKinley in its full glory while we were there.

photo (4)

My husband and I love canoeing, and there are lots of lakes just outside of Talkeetna. So, we decided we wanted to go boating. There is a restaurant in town who will rent you a boat. Well, really they rent you the life jackets and paddle and lend you a key. The boats are already in the lake. You just have to be able to find them. The woman at the restaurant assured us that it would be an easy one-and-a-half mile hike to the boats, but as soon as we started walking and saw a mile post, we realized she was very wrong and that it was actually going to be three miles.

So, we did what any reasonable person would do and hitchhiked. (more…)


Ruff Dining in the Ruins September 16, 2013

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I have a tendency to panic eat. I get so excited about what I’m doing, I forget to eat until I get to Critical Mass Hunger. CMH usually involves me sitting down wherever I am and crying. But my husband has known me for a long time, and he understands the problems that come with not feeding the Megan. (more…)