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A Tree to Love for Me November 30, 2015

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Since I grew up in an inn, Christmas for us usually began way before Thanksgiving. Decorations for the inn went up Thanksgiving weekend, and Christmas programs started shortly thereafter. It even got to the point that the local Christmas tree farmer knew that the season had begun when my mother showed up wanting a Christmas tree.

But of course they didn’t have any Christmas trees cut and ready yet. So they would load my mother into their truck and drive her back into the farm until she saw a tree she liked. Then they would stop, and if she was with a nice person they would cut the tree for her, if not, she would take a handsaw to the tree herself.

A tree for the hallway, tons of evergreen bows for the mantels and big windows. Ribbons and valances galore. It was quite a feat to get the inn ready for Christmas. By the time we got to set up our personal Christmas tree three days before actual Christmas, it felt like we had been living in a Christmas vortex for our whole lives. (more…)


Blue Christmas December 6, 2014

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I have two shows on Christmas Day this year, but I am determined to have a wonderful Christmas anyway. In that vein, I have already begun decorating! Since I am also thrifty and living in cast housing so I have few supplies at hand, I decided to use the leftover blue ribbon from my Tardis Halloween costume for Christmas decoration. Great idea right? Waste not, want not. Reuse, don’t rebuy. Blah, blah, blah.

I bought some blue tinsel and lights to compliment the blue ribbon. And as I was decorating, I began sing “I’ll have a Blue Christmas” to myself. And that’s when I had realized my horrible mistake! Either it looks like I’m decorating for Hanukah, which is fine but not the point of my five Christmas trees. Or it looks like I’m creating an homage to a depressing Elvis song about being alone and having a really depressing Christmas while the girl you used to love plays in the snow!

So, now I have a Christmas conundrum. Do I redecorate? Do I accept the badness? Do I cluster all of the blue and have a few multicolored trees? I want Christmas wonderment, and the blue ribbon just isn’t doing it!

I’m going to have to get a wreath or something, because I refuse to have a blue Christmas!

Signed: WordPress’s resident Christmas Neurotic