What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Sneaky Sheep October 7, 2017


Our road trip through the Irish countryside is definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever taken. The wide valleys, the rocky mountains… the sheep.

Most of the sheep are in giant pastures with color-coded butt swatches. And the butt rainbow makes sense. Granted, I am not a sheep expert, but it seems to me that it would get really hard to tell one fluffy sheep from another. So farmers tag their sheep with their gang colors.

Well, one farmer with pink-butt sheep was having a very bad day. (more…)


My Cup Runneth Over June 5, 2013

Once upon a time my husband and I were driving cross country. We stopped to see a friend in Oklahoma City and had a wonderful Mexican meal. The next morning we were going to make the short trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to see another friend.¬† We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite burger places. But somehow I didn’t feel very well. I couldn’t eat my burger. But as someone with a sensitive stomach, I thought nothing of it as we continued our trek to Tulsa. A few miles down the road I did not feel well at all. My husband handed me my see through McDonalds Extra Large Iced Coffee cup from the day before and said he wanted me to hold on to it just in case. I laughed at him for being so silly and worried. Ha-ha-ha-ha! (more…)