What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Childlike Tendencies October 27, 2014

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Yesterday I got to play with my eight-month-old nephew! He has two teeth and two more coming in. All on the bottom so he looks like Mr. Magoo. We crawled on the floor. We made funny sounds, and he used me as a human jungle gym. And then I realized… I function at the same basic level as my eight-month-old nephew. All I want to do is roll on the floor and be cuddle and played with. And I want to be fed and sleep in a warm bed. But really, rolling on the floor is enough to keep me happy for hours.

I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. I am essentially a baby who can walk and type. I’m going to go play with pumpkins now. Also one of my nephew’s favorite activities.


I’m All Alone in Here October 22, 2014

My mother’s house is across the street from a church. The congregation has been meeting there for 176 years, but the church was built in 1880. The original church burned down in 1878.

That was before the town had a real fire department. It was back in the days of ring a bell and everyone comes out with a bucket and hopes for the best. General Brown who owned our house in 1878, heard the bell and ran out to the church, helping with the bucket brigade and leaving his little girl in her room, watching the church burn through her window.

The little girl, Kit, was not pleased. She was not used to being abandoned in the house. So she took her chamber pot and threw it out the window screaming “I’m all alone in here!” Now, no one heard her over the noise from the fire, but Kit did discover that throwing china things out her window was indeed satisfying. She went and got her brother’s chamber pot and threw that out the window, again shouting “I’m all alone in here!” Soon she was taking everything she could find in the bedroom that might make a satisfying noise when it shattered in front on the house. “I’m all alone on here!” Crash!



Songs for Children (Or Creating Little Minions) July 14, 2014

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When I was about sixteen, I did a show for BlahBlah Theatre for Children company. The shows were meant to be performed by adults (mostly rich housewives with too much time on their hands or retired school teachers) for children. But since I was homeschooled, I was free during the day, so I became one of the performers. True, I was a good thirty years younger than anyone else, but that isn’t the point of the story. (more…)


Marrying a Girl March 17, 2014

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Last year I was working on a show that had a lot of kids in the cast. There was, as always, the one little soon to be gay boy who is currently homophobic. Beyond this kid’s obsession with Selena Gomez, his fascination with sparkles, and pronounced lisp, the kid just pinged on the gay radar like a battleship. He would always go on about how gay marriage would ruin everything and blah, blah, blah. But the boy was an undeniable gay.

There was also a little girl in the show who was smart as a whip and mature way beyond her years. One day, as the future gay was sitting around telling all the other kids about how his father had told him to treat his future wife, the little girl just looked him straight in the face and said, “You know, you might not even marry a girl.”

So sweet and so true. Sometimes kids can speak truth more simply than adults will ever have the courage to.


Flames on the Side of My Face – An Actor’s Rant July 24, 2013

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Please forgive my actor’s rant. I know I am incredibly lucky to be able to call myself a professional and employed actor. I love my job. But sometimes there are things that just shove you over the edge. This time, it’s parents. Not the parents of the kids in the show. The parents in the audience. (more…)