What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Pluto on Pluto July 15, 2015

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Have you seen the picture of Pluto? But really, have you?


Look at it. No, really look at it.

Pluto the Disney dog is clearly silhouetted on Pluto the quasi – sometimes – planet.

Pluto on Pluto

Walt Disney was either a psychic genius or an alien. And right now, I’m voting for alien. Walt Disney had seen the face of Pluto while on his way down to earth Kal-El style. He grew up, became famous, and planted us all a little shade of his brilliance in creating Mickey Mouse’s loving and trusty friend, not to mention the best Disney character ever, Pluto!

And now that we’ve seen Pluto, we all know that Walt was Walt from another World! No wonder he wanted to be cryogenically frozen when he died. He’s waiting for his people to come unfreeze him!

I know it sounds crazy, but seriously y’all. Pluto is on Pluto. How else can you explain it?


My Kingdom for a Poodle Barrette April 18, 2015

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I’ve been a little stressed. Between performing, editing book three in The Tethering Series, and getting the blog tour for the release of book two ready along with brushing my teeth, I’ve had a lot on my plate. And I’ve found more and more lately that when I’m really stressed, I want a plastic poodle barrette. You know the ones I mean. Those cheap little hair clips that come in a pack of different animal shapes. I want a pink poodle, and I want to clip it in my hair, dammit.

When I was three we had a Swedish exchange student. I loved her. I wanted to spend all of my time with her. Unfortunately, though the exchange student spoke English, she was not well versed in overexcited three-year-old. (more…)


Don’t Get on the Elevator January 28, 2015

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I love a scary ride as much as the next person. Scary roller coasters, plunging from great heights, I’m there. But it wasn’t always like that.

When I was little, I was terrified of going upside down on a roller coaster. I was fairly convinced I would fall out and die. My parents never pushed me to ride anything that scared me. They let time and peer pressure do the work. And for that, I am very grateful.

A year or two ago, I saw a mother who was not willing to let time build that courage. (more…)


The Squabble in the Seats December 30, 2014

I’m a fairly easy going person. Okay, maybe not, but I’m usually good at ignoring people who piss me off. But we all have our limits.

Christmas Day, my husband and I went to see an evening showing of Into the Woods. I was so excited. It was a little strange when we got to the theatre and there were more than fifteen police cars parked out front. Naturally, I assumed either I was at one of the theatres that was showing The Interview, or the cops were having a nice Christmas party inside.

There was an insane line to buy tickets, filled with teenagers all arguing about what movie they wanted to see. And you had to get in a line to get to the line, but since it is a huge theatre, I figured that was normal for a holiday. My husband went in to get snacks while I waited for tickets. Some friends gave me money to buy their tickets so they wouldn’t take up more space between the clogged ropes. It was all fine… until I bought the tickets and tried to walk to my friends to give them their stubs.

Fifty kids broke through the barrier and ran for the theatre without tickets. They were charging at me, and I had no way out! I don’t do well in swarms, and I panicked. I couldn’t step to the side. There was no way out! Until my friend’s brother, who is very large and scary looking, shouted at the kids and pulled me out of the mob!

Fine. That was fine. We survived, and when we got to our theatre, it was only half full… of rude, talking teenagers. Some of the other folks of the grownup persuasion intermittently shouted at the teens to be quiet. The teens cursed back. And then a police officer in full uniform came in and stood at the front of the theatre, glaring at the children. They quieted down for a minute, and I thought that would be the end of it.

Then the cop left, and the stupid kids got worse than ever. (more…)


Ice Not Included December 27, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I most certainly did. Since my husband loves skating, and I enjoy seeing if I can make it around the rink once without holding his hand, we like to try and skate wherever we are each holiday season. It’s a lot easier to find an ice rink in New York than it is in Florida, but we decided to try anyway. In my search for holiday wonderment, I found a little rink right across from one of our favorite restaurants! It’s about a two hour drive, but there was a big lights display in that direction as well. So we decided to make the drive.

Before heading to dinner, we went to check out the ice rink. It was tiny. Teeny Tiny. My-master-bedroom-in-cast-housing-is-bigger-than-that-ice-rink kind of tiny. And the ice looked very strange. It had lines down it, and it didn’t have the normal ice shimmer. Finally, my husband asked the attendant what the rink was made of. (more…)


The Fish Beffudlement November 8, 2014

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When I was little, I wanted a fish. I wanted to name it and watch it swim and love it forever. So I asked my dad for a fish. He bought me a tank with a really cool bubbler, and I spent hours watching the bubbles rise. Bubbles are fascinating when you’re little. Or, if you’re me, when you’re an adult, too, but we won’t talk about that. (more…)


The Little Star-Bound Book August 18, 2014

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When I was fifteen, I took a community college course all about children’s literature. We studied everything from Green Eggs and Ham to Harry Potter. I did an amazing defense of the use of upper vocabulary words in The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles. And our final project was to write a children’s story. (more…)