What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Tigger Tails April 24, 2013

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I come from a very small town and live in a very distinctive house. It’s the biggest one in our village, and it also has a sign out front declaring it an inn. This means that people I don’t even know know exactly where I live. This had its advantages: I never got off at the wrong place on the school bus. And disadvantages: when we were learning how roads worked in second grade my house was a point of reference. I still couldn’t figure out how to head north on the highway. (I kinda almost get it now.)

Well, one day a few years after my elementary school days had ended, my family got a horrible phone call. (more…)


Kitty Washing Machine April 15, 2013

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The on-campus apartments that I lived in for two years during college were patrolled by notorious animal haters by the name of campus security. Any animal found on campus was immediately removed to the nearest shelter with the exception of the demonic squirrels. Apparently demonic attack squirrels weren’t a safety concern.  I know that taking poor lost dogs and cats to the shelter  wouldn’t seem cruel except that it was a kill shelter. Any animal that they did not deem easily adoptable was put down as soon as it was brought in. (more…)


Elvis has Left the Building! March 13, 2013

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Upstate New York has a vole problem. Voles are an evil mix of mole and mouse that live for the sheer pleasure of dying under your floor boards and stinking up your house. I spent many a happy hour as a child following my father around the house trying to sniff out where that latest vole martyr had died specifically to cause turmoil in our house. Since the voles loved our house, we also had feline visitors. They kept to themselves mostly, feasting on voles and snakes in the yard, and we let them prowl hoping the voles would end up in their stomachs rather than in our walls.

There was, however, one porch cat who wanted a closer relationship. (more…)