What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Breaking Bad: Kitten Style December 3, 2013

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I’ve lived some pretty sketchy places.  Most people would probably say, “Of course you have. You lived in the Bronx.” But honestly, the Bronx wasn’t bad at all. I always felt safe there. The only place I have ever lived that I really thought smelled a little murdery on a daily basis was my apartment in Oklahoma City senior year of college. (more…)


Kitty Washing Machine April 15, 2013

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The on-campus apartments that I lived in for two years during college were patrolled by notorious animal haters by the name of campus security. Any animal found on campus was immediately removed to the nearest shelter with the exception of the demonic squirrels. Apparently demonic attack squirrels weren’t a safety concern.  I know that taking poor lost dogs and cats to the shelter  wouldn’t seem cruel except that it was a kill shelter. Any animal that they did not deem easily adoptable was put down as soon as it was brought in. (more…)