What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Reason for the Rule August 27, 2015

As an actor, I work for a lot of different companies all over the place. And on the first day of rehearsals, there’s always that awkward company meeting where you all introduce yourselves. Then you get your packet with your schedule, and there are usually a few company rules thrown in there.

There’s always something about being late, usually something about keeping the actor housing clean, and occasionally something strange like no texting while walking, you need to keep your eyes on the ground to look for open manholes….

Hearing a rule like that means someone fell into a manhole. Probably not that long ago.

So, today marks the beginning of a series of the best/worst strange rules I’ve been given.

When I did living history in a mansion in Newport, RI, the cast lived on the third floor of the mansion. On our first day, we were expressly forbidden from drinking on the third floor where we lived and were shown a cabinet where we could store our liquor on the first floor. Because we could drink in the mansion, just not on the third floor where we lived…. Drink downstairs, stagger upstairs. That was the rule. (more…)