What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Weight Problem April 6, 2015

When I went to audition for the college I attended, it was quite the ordeal. And not just because I had to fly cross-country all by myself or because I was auditioning for one of the best schools in the country. The school had arranged for me to stay with two dance majors while I auditioned. My mother and I baked cookies for the girls as a thank you. The looks on their faces should have been enough to warn me away. They looked at my cookies like I had brought demon spawn into their room. Then there was a little bit of moaning before they each took a bite of a cookie and shoved the rest on a high shelf out of sight and easy reach.

The next day was the audition. (more…)


The Worst Audition Ever November 5, 2014

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Well, poop on a stick, ya’ll. I think I just attended the worst audition ever. And please keep in mind, I don’t mean, “Wow, I’ve never done so poorly in my life.” I mean, “What in the name of Dionysus happened?”

The husband and I were auditioning for a really great company. Super reputable, employs lots of people, would be great to work for, all that good stuff. The audition announcement said to be prepared to sing a cappella. “Be prepared to sing a cappella” is an actor’s nightmare. I am not auditioning for American Idol. I am a professional. Is it too much to ask to have an accompanist at the audition? The piano players of the world could use the day of work. They have bills to pay, too, you know?

Anyway, I was prepared to go in and rock it out Broadway Idol style. But we got there, and instead, we were supposed to sing a song they had chosen. (more…)