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Pluto on Pluto July 15, 2015

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Have you seen the picture of Pluto? But really, have you?


Look at it. No, really look at it.

Pluto the Disney dog is clearly silhouetted on Pluto the quasi – sometimes – planet.

Pluto on Pluto

Walt Disney was either a psychic genius or an alien. And right now, I’m voting for alien. Walt Disney had seen the face of Pluto while on his way down to earth Kal-El style. He grew up, became famous, and planted us all a little shade of his brilliance in creating Mickey Mouse’s loving and trusty friend, not to mention the best Disney character ever, Pluto!

And now that we’ve seen Pluto, we all know that Walt was Walt from another World! No wonder he wanted to be cryogenically frozen when he died. He’s waiting for his people to come unfreeze him!

I know it sounds crazy, but seriously y’all. Pluto is on Pluto. How else can you explain it?


Kittysicle July 3, 2013

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My mom has a huge backyard with a creek and a stream running through it. The creek is a real creek that is six feet deep and pretty wide. The stream is glorified run-off, but it can reach waist high if the season has been wet enough. One winter I was out in the backyard playing, and my cats being more like dogs had followed me running and frolicking in the snow. I knew where the frozen little stream was and ran right around it avoiding icy danger completely. My cats did not. (more…)