What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Kaiser Permanente for the Epic Fail September 20, 2016

I need to vent for a second. I have Kaiser Permanente health insurance. I pay every month for my freakin’ Kaiser Permanente insurance. Lots of dollar for this damned insurance!

All I needed was refills on some nose spray and my inhaler. Both prescriptions I have had mailed to me out of state while traveling for shows before. First, the doctor sent the refills to the local pharmacy instead of the online app. Fine, a mistake anyone could make if they didn’t read my email to them closely enough. So, I have to call in to the phone line and ask to have them mailed.

Then they tell me that they changed the policy and can no longer mail out of state…cause this wouldn’t have been an important thing to know a few weeks ago? I registered for this insurance specifically because they would mail prescriptions out of state! Gah!

So then they tell me – and this is after talking to seven people, two of whom transferred me to get rid of me, and keep in mind I was on the phone for more than an hour – that I can have my prescription sent to any Walmart. I’ll pay out of pocket, but they’ll reimburse me.

Thank God I have learned enough not to trust anyone at their word when hundreds of dollars are on the line. (more…)


Too Much Adulting October 21, 2015

Adulting is hard. You have to do things, like work and feed yourself, and pay bills. It’s a lot of responsibility. And having things or people not do what they’re supposed to do makes adulting so much harder.

Like when you’re supposed to meet someone for a meeting, and they don’t show up. Or when you send someone an important email, and they just don’t answer. When your car breaks down during tech week when you literally have no hours to take it in.

Or my recent favorite when you need a new laptop with only a few days’ notice so you go to the store and pick out the perfect one. Only they don’t have it in stock, so you have to have it shipped to you. You pay thirty extra dollars to have the computer in three days only to receive an email stating that the computer would arrive three weeks later…..

Please insert livid rage face. (more…)