What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Sexy Dancing Man December 14, 2015

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Fact: A man who dances is a man who is sexy.


Tuesday Teaser – Nuttycracker Sweet December 1, 2015

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Source: Tuesday Teaser – Nuttycracker Sweet


Dino Dud October 28, 2015

So there’s this really pretty girl in my cast. And I mean really pretty in a good way that sometimes draws strange attention. Like the time she was in a grocery store and a random guy decided to hit on her with an opening line along the lines of, “I’m a dinosaur CEO.”

I’m sorry, what?

So she talked to him, and afterward he asked her to come to his van to pick up some dinosaur tickets, which obviously she didn’t do alone with the stranger since she’s a reasonable thinking human being. But in the end she had a handful of tickets to the Dinosaur Expo.

It was going to be a between-shows venture, so it only ended up being my husband and myself driving forty minutes to see the Dinasours. We had looked at the website, and it looked so amazing! There were tons of dinosaurs, and it seemed to neat!


Until we pulled up at the BFE convention center. With the forty cars in the parking lot. Then the no refunds given was the next big giveaway. But we had free tickets, so in we went.

It was…. (more…)


Thrift Store/Metaphor September 26, 2015

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The first review for the new musical the husband and I have been working on!

Southwest Florida Journal

Second Chances

How fitting that Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical had its premiere in the week when Pope Francis is in the United States urging everyone to love their neighbors. The play by Broadway Palm paterfamilias Tom Ross Prather poignantly demonstrates heart and humanity.

The plot takes us through a year in the life of a church-run thrift shop. Along the way, we meet the staff and learn that they, like the merchandise, are in search of second chances. The manager has a husband who has returned from Iraq with emotional problems. The feisty cashier has cancer. One of the folks in the backroom is newly widowed; the other is long-divorced. The new “volunteer” is fulfilling the community service terms of his probation. Even though faced with troubles of their own, they manage to reach out to others in need.

The cast shines in the small Off-Broadway space. Without the need…

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Stage Lights and more June 24, 2015

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Christmas Came Early June 22, 2015

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I am thrilled to announce that my novella, Nuttycracker Sweet, will be released by Fiery Seas Publishing this Christmas season!

I’ll be published with two different companies y’all! And in two different genres! The Tethering series is YA urban fantasy, and Nuttycracker Sweet is a romance novella. Or really a snarky, ballet-themed, romance novella. 

The plan was simple. Get to Portland, Maine, dance The Nutcracker, get a nice, fat paycheck and don’t murder your dance partner. And most definitely, do not, under any circumstances, fall in love with him.


A snowy road trip strands Elle Grant in a tiny cabin better suited for serial killings than rehearsals for two professional ballet dancers. With no one but the incredibly talented, excruciatingly handsome, and notoriously terrible Zachary Benson and a few taxidermy woodland creatures for company, Elle’s Christmas plans are officially ruined. Can she and Zach learn to like each other enough to dance together? And can Elle get home without losing her heart to the Christmas Cavalier?

All those years in ballet class have finally paid off, I mean besides performing for a living, which is also important. But yay! My toes didn’t bleed for nothing!

Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting my insanity! I have two publishers!!! Ahhhh!


Welcome to Megan O’Russell

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