What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Awkward Aids June 16, 2014

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Right now, I am working in beautiful Alaska! I get to perform all the time. Yay! One of the things we do is sing pre-show songs while the audience eats. I play the character who is always chasing men, so when I sing my pre-show song, I go out into the audience and flirt with the older gentlemen.

Ninety-eight percent of the time they love it. They want pictures. They don’t want me to leave them to go to the next old man. It’s great. Well, a few days ago I had a grumpy older man in the audience. (more…)


The Flying Phone November 11, 2013

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Sometimes I am not so very smart. Sometimes horrible things happen because of this unfortunate trait.

My husband and I have spent a lot of time working in Florida. And we love Disney World and Islands of Adventure. When we visit Orlando, we wake up at 5am and head toward adventure! I’m not a morning person, so my brain is fairly non-functional on these really early drives.

One fateful morning, we loaded our friends into the car horribly early and started driving down the road. We turned onto the main road a block away from our condo, and one of my tired friends said, “Megan, is your phone pink?”

“Yes,” I mumbled, curling up in my seat.

“Oh… ‘cause something pink just flew off the roof of the car.”

My phone, which I had only had for a week, had flown off the roof of the car and into traffic.

I said to leave it, but one of the guys in the car opened his door and ran across the six-lane road on a desperate rescue mission. Miraculously, he made it back to the car with my phone. The little pink phone hadn’t even turned off.

The pink phone and its case are still with me today. True, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing for someone to run across traffic to save it, but I love my little phone. Qwerty keyboard and all.


Donuts Make Much Happy Time October 5, 2013

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When I was in college, I worked as a tutor. Really, I just wanted to be a math tutor, but most days I ended up working as a language tutor for E.S.L. students. I’m sure my editor won’t believe that I was ever an English or grammar tutor, but I was. Some of my students were really great. Some of them maybe not so much. (more…)


The Smell in the Station September 21, 2013

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When you travel, you expect to find things that are different from what you’re used to. One of those things is toilets. My husband and I watched tons of documentaries before we went to Europe, and a bunch of them said that in Italy there were some places where a toilet meant squatting over a hole in the ground. Me being the strange person that I am, I was really excited about this. I wanted to pee in the hole. (more…)


Caution! Cobblestones Ahead September 7, 2013

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When I was sixteen my mother sent me to England for a week to visit my sister who was doing a semester abroad. She was staying with the family of one of our former exchange students, and they were so excited to have me visit they planned a special weekend in the Cotswolds jut for me. The host mother, her sister, their mother, my sister, and I all headed to the English Countryside for a lovely weekend.

The Cotswolds is a beautiful place with lots of quaint shops and churches. We even saw a castle with huge, gorgeous grounds and creepy little gargoyles doing dirty things on the roof (the host mother kept trying to distract me, but I knew what was going on). (more…)


Dutch Oven of Doom September 4, 2013

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A few years ago I decided to take my husband camping for his birthday. It was a great plan. We were going to go white water rafting and then spend the night in a state park with a few of our cast mates. I booked everything and borrowed camping gear from my mother. I was good to go. I even had the scathingly brilliant idea to bring a Dutch oven to make his birthday cake in. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of camping, a Dutch oven is a cast iron pot that you bury in the ground under coals to cook things. Sounds easy right? (more…)


Mrs. Astor’s Kitchen Catastrophe August 7, 2013

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When I was working at the mansion In Newport, Rhode Island doing living history, one of the positions that we could have on a given day was kitchen. Your job when you were on kitchen was to cook things of your choosing that smelled really nice all day and wait for a tour to come through to tell them about being a servant and about the really old gas stove. I knew how old it was then and all about the installation, but I forgot about that the day the contract ended. (more…)