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The Cricket on the Hearth December 16, 2015

Hello everyone! It’s time once again for Chris’s Corner.

Last night, Megan and I put in our DVD of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer for a little holiday cheer in the midst of what has been a hectic month of preparing to move out of our cast housing in Florida and go on our trip to Thailand to then come back to Florida to move into different cast housing. Oy. It’s been quite the month. Anyway, when we put in the DVD, a movie started playing that we had never heard of. It was called The Cricket on the Hearth, which was a cartoon movie “suggested” by the Charles Dickens story.

We were intrigued. We sat down on our bed and began the magical adventure of a new-old movie. Until it was no longer an adventure, but an acid trip (never done it, just assuming) bent on breaking our Christmas spirit. For those of you who do not know the movie, I’ll say SPOILER here and advise you not read beyond the “read more” feature of this post. (more…)


Chris’s Corner of Conundrums and Comprehension – Episode Three: Harry Plotholes July 13, 2015

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Beware: this post contains spoilers from multiple books in the Harry Potter series.

One of my absolute favorite topics of discussion amongst friends is the inconsistencies and possible alternatives to storylines such as those in Harry Potter. As you probably know, Megan and I are close to Harry Potter fanatics. We’re not completely obsessed, but we do listen to the books on audio when we drive cross-country. And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of our favorite theme park destinations. We own all of the books and the movies, too, of course. Basically, we know quite a lot about the Potterverse and love to discuss the books: our favorite moments and characters, whether or not Harry was able to thwart Voldemort near the end of book seven because he had ownership (though not possession) of all three hallows or because he himself was a horcrux, and certain plot holes that we think we caught.

One such plot hole was brought to our attention through an article on Facebook. Megan had a bit of a freak out, saying that if Rowling, who is a genius, had missed such a crucial detail, how much would she (Megan) inadvertently miss in her books? The plot hole to which I refer is this: how did the Weasley twins never once notice the name Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map sleeping next to Ronald Weasley or next to Percy Weasley before Ron had come to Hogwarts? Mind-blown! In all of the years that we had been listening to, reading, and watching the Harry Potter series, that had never once crossed our minds. (more…)


Chris’s Corner of Conundrums and Comprehension – Episode Two: A Bulgarian in Alaska May 23, 2015

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Megan and I are spending our third consecutive summer in Denali Park, Alaska, which is quite possibly the most addictively beautiful place I have ever visited. Hence why we keep coming back.

A couple of the bigger corporations that operate in and around Denali hire their staff from around the world, namely from Bulgaria. I love being around people from different parts of the globe. I get to learn about their culture and a few choice phrases, not all of which would necessarily be proper in polite company, but still, it’s a wonderful life experience.

The other night, I got to hear my first Bulgarian joke. One of my Bulgarian colleagues was sitting with my other coworkers and me around a fire. He got to have his first s’more, and he heard many jokes from us. One of my coworkers asked if he had any jokes that he would like to share. He said that he did have one, but it might not translate well. Of course, we all said that we wanted to hear it. And here it is, to the best of my remembrance: (more…)