What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Bad Beer June 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you really suck at something, but everyone around you is just too nice to tell you?

The husband and I recently went to a brewery we had never visited before. Visiting local breweries is something we like to do when we travel. You get to taste new beers, support the local economy, and you don’t have to pack anything in your suitcase when you move on. It’s great.

So, we go to this brewery that had decent ratings online and each order a flight of beer.

It was, without a doubt, the worst craft brew I have ever had in my life. The husband and I were playing backgammon while we drank our nasty beer, and when I suggested another round, he nigh on shouted “No!” I had to explain I meant the game, not the beer.

Here’s the thing. It was a nice-looking tasting room. With fancy seating and purse hooks under the bar. Someone had clearly put a ton of money into the place. Which means they think they’re making good beer.

It was not good beer!

And then I started thinking about the brewery owner, and the brewmaster. They must think this beer is good. And they must have had friends and family try the beer, who must have then lied to them and said the beer was good. That’s a really big lie to tell!

If brew dude’s friends are willing to tell him that salty, bile-tasting rubbish should be sold for actual dollars, what have people lied to me about?

Is my hair cut actually cute? Am I tone deaf, and people just tell me I can sing? Are my books awful?

There are little white lies to protect people’s feelings, but sometime being a good friend means ripping off the Band-Aid and saying, “Dude, your beer sucks.”

I think I have friends who would tell me if I was sinking my life savings into something that tasted like two-week old, moldy bread had been steeped in water. I hope I do.

And I hope the brew dude’s wife stomps in, takes over the brewing, and saves the family business.

It was just so bad.

On the plus side, at least I had a cute date.
Chris Beer


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