What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

World Weary February 8, 2019

I love traveling. I love seeing new places and trying new things. One of my primary aims in life is to become a true citizen of the world, so any chance I have to see a new slice of humanity is amazing to me. But with seeing so many things, it becomes harder to be amazed.

It’s like when you’re traveling around Europe and you’ve just walked into your twelfth cathedral and it sort of looks a lot like the last eleven cathedrals. You wander around, look at all the windows, and wonder when you’re going to get to eat lunch.

Then you’re eating your brie, and you think about how so many people would love to have the opportunity to walk through the building you just visited. You feel a little grateful for having seen it, but also still a bit like you really don’t want to visit cathedral number thirteen even though you’ve already purchased the ticket.

Beer is another great example. I’ve been privileged enough to spend a lot of time in Alaska where they have some of the best beer in the world. I recently visited a restaurant that my friends touted as having some really amazing beers on tap. It was… fine, but I didn’t find anything I sincerely loved. I just wanted Alaskan beer and was sad the restaurant didn’t have anything that good. It’s not that I can’t be impressed by beer anymore. It just takes a lot more to impress me.

A green glow from the northern lights is cool and brings me joy, but not the kind I’m willing to stand in the freezing cold for. I’ve seen too many massive light displays. Notre Dame is always going to be cool, but do I need to see all the other cathedrals in Paris? Except Sacre Coeur, of course.

Does this make me awful? Jaded? Unworthy of being allowed to travel anymore?

I know there are huge amounts of unbelievable things left to see in this world. My idea of unbelievable is just a bit higher than it used to be.


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