What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Hold My Massive Pill Container November 9, 2018

I’m not an easily offended person. Mostly because I don’t have it in me to care, a little because I try to be understanding.

But here’s the thing—pardon me while I pull out my soap box—it pisses me off when people completely lack understanding of what it is to have a chronic illness and decide to have loud opinions about your needing damn medicine!


I get chronic sinus infections. It’s an unfortunate mix of terrible allergies, a shoddy immune system, and living my life on immune suppressants. So, I take antibiotics more than most people should. Because I have an autoimmune disease.

I don’t need your opinion about how pharmacists “are just pill pushers” and how we don’t need modern medicine. I don’t want your home remedy—my neti pot and I are really great friends. I don’t need you to tell me that I don’t look sick. Or my favorite: “Well, if it were that bad, you wouldn’t be doing the show.”

I wish I could swear on the blog because holy freakin’ Hannah. Go stick your opinions up your pooper!

I’ve done shows with migraines. I’ve done shows with food poisoning. I’ve done shows with sprains, strains, bone bruises, and swollen joints. Pain and illness are a constant part of my life, so I’m really freakin’ good at dealing with it. I will smile on stage and get through the show no matter how bad I feel, because I’m sick too often to be able to call out because I have a sinus infection pounding like my damn nose is going to fall off.

Don’t tell me I’m not sick enough for antibiotics. Don’t tell me I’m walking too well to need knee surgery. Don’t tell me prescription medication is the devil.

I have Lupus, and I’m doing twelve shows a week.

People and their stupid opinions can suck it.

And here’s a cute kitten for letting me rant.



One Response to “Hold My Massive Pill Container”

  1. avwalters Says:

    I get it. I’m a celiac, with a gazillion attendant food allergies. I cannot tell you how many people want me to “try just a bite” or tell me that it’s all in my head, or are absolutely certain that if I take an aspirin with my meal…I’ll be just fine. We all have our burdens and we cope with them in our own way. Thank you very much!

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