What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Touch of Panic September 14, 2018

I spent October of last year through April of this year living on a tour bus. My whole life revolved around when I was supposed to get on the bus to drive to the next city, venue, or airport. And I made it. Every time.

I went straight from traveling with tour to adventuring in Europe. First week of international travel went totally well, and then it was time for Crete.

A tiny backstory: When I had planned the trip, I wanted to spend two days on Crete to give the husband and myself maximum possibility of fair weather to hike the Samaria Gorge. About a month before we flew to Greece, I got an email saying our flight from Crete to Venice had been canceled. What they really meant was there would be no more flights out of Crete to anywhere ever again. I don’t know if the airport was being condemned or there was a strike planned, but we had to fly out a day early on the last flight that would be leaving the island.

Back to how on time and responsible the husband and I are.

We managed to hike the Samaria Gorge and have a wonderful dinner and then went to sleep. The husband (I swear, I really do love him) set the alarm for like 4:45 in the morning.

We went to bed and woke up at 5:05. I don’t know why the alarm didn’t go off. I don’t know what woke us up. But our cab was supposed to be outside at 5am. I panic-packed while the husband called the cab driver, who was also running late. We raced downstairs and beat our cab to the curb.

We finally started driving to the airport miraculously only fifteen minutes later than we should have been. But it took forever to get there. By the time we raced out of the cab and into the airport, we had five minutes until the doors for our plane were supposed to be closing.

It was a tiny little airport, super early in the morning, and somehow there was a massive line waiting for security. Normally, I’d have sworn a bit and tried for the next flight out, but there was no next flight out! That tin bird was the last tin bird!

The husband managed to get the attention of a security lady to beg her to let us cut the line so we could make our flight.

The lady front of us in line turned around (she was American btw, because of course) and said, “We’re all waiting to get onto that flight.”

And she was right. The whole line was waiting to get onto a flight whose doors were supposed to have closed.

They waited for all of us to get through, and we made it onto the flight just fine.

But for a minute, I really considered what my life was going to be like if I got stuck on Crete forever.

It wasn’t a bad life. I had a lot of cats, ate a ton of seafood, and hiked all the time.

There would be worse places to be stranded.


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