What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Deafening Distraction August 3, 2018

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I’m a pretty epic multitasker. I think it comes from my elementary school days. According to my mother, that school district would take every new educational concept that had been rejected in California and use it on my school.

One of those grand ideas was an open floor plan for the school. We had rib-high walls separating the classrooms. Yep. Hundreds of small children. No real walls.

I learned to read while hearing the teacher next door teach math. I learned about science while kids fifteen feet from me sang songs about history. There was never ever quiet.

Silent reading time only meant our class wasn’t allowed to talk. The classrooms on either side of us were still going full tilt.

But I never knew anything different. I didn’t know that school was supposed to be just a class and a teacher with no outside distractions. And honestly, as horrible as it must have been for the teachers, that lack of quiet turned me into the multitasker I am today.

I can read no matter where I am. Tuning out the noise of conversation, music, or television isn’t a problem. I can write wherever there’s a power outlet and no security to kick me out. I can even sleep through basically anything. I just don’t hear background noise the way other people do. And having the ability to separate levels of sound makes separating my attention to work on more than one project super simple.

Did the constant chaos work out as well for all my classmates? Probably not. Would I ever suggest that a school should go for the “no wall” method? Nope.

Am I grateful that there are people cleaning the vents in my house and delivering a new washing machine and I’m cool to just sit here happily typing away? Yep. #Winning


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