What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Danger: Move Quickly! August 1, 2018

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I am a pretty adventurous person and have a very low self-preservation instinct when it comes to hanging out in nature. Cliff edges don’t bother me, rushing water is totally fun. There are very few things that naturally occur on this earth that make me go “Nope!”

So the husband and I hiked the Samaria gorge this spring. It’s one of the longest gorges in Europe, and over the course of planning this trip the idea of doing the 10-ish mile hike became something of a pilgrimage. I’ve hiked so many beautiful places in the United States. If my goal is to be a citizen of the world, then I need to be a hiker of the world. It made a lot of sense in my head.

So, we ferried to Crete from Santorini specifically to do this hike.


The trail is all downhill (which is not actually as great as it sounds) and takes you past some truly breathtaking vistas.

Vista One

But there’s one problem.

Signs like this:


I mean, how fast should we be walking? Do they mean don’t take a nap on the side of the trail, or do they mean sprint for Jesus if you want to live? There is a huge difference between those two warnings!

And it’s not like they just wanted to keep the tourists moving. There was evidence of why you should “walk fast.”


Luckily, we came out okay and didn’t see any signs of people getting squished.

We made it down the gorge. Fed some friends on the way.


And even had time to hurt our feet on the rocky shore so we could say we’d touched the damn water.

We may have come out blistered, hungry, and covered in dirt. But the Samaria Gorge was worth every knee twinge and mile walked.

If you ever have a chance, go.

Rock Bridge


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