What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Crazy Cat Lady: Grecian Edition July 3, 2018

I love cats.

One of the things I miss most in my crazy traveling actor life is having a cat of my own.

Top thing I didn’t know I was going to love about Greece?

The cats!


So many wonderful cats!

Cats living in monastaries!


Cats roaming through ruins.


Even a cat eating a kabab. I know it’s hard to see the kabab, but I swear that cat had stolen someone’s kabab and was eating the meat right off the stick.


And they were all so cute and healthy looking from eating all the rodents Greece has to offer!


I feel like Greece is proof that cats are majestic, gorgeous, independent creatures that really would rule the world if they cared about the workings of measly humans.

In summary, I want to the husband to make a Cats of Greece calendar for me for my birthday—which I will inevitably refuse to take down even when the dates are wrong—and for the rest of my life I will rotate through the same twelve cat pictures, confusing anyone who tries to judge the date based on my beloved cats.

But aren’t they just the sweetest things!




One Response to “Crazy Cat Lady: Grecian Edition”

  1. Orvillewrong Says:

    Cats do rule the world, they are just very quiet about it!

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