What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Crete Blockade May 1, 2018

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I present you all with a mystery.

The husband and I are currently putting the finishing touches on our trip to Greece and Italy. Because that’s what you do as soon as you finish living on a bus for seven months: you go travel more.

Things were going really well as far as trip planning, but then we got an email cancelling our flight from Crete to Venice. Which is weird. I mean, I’ve had flights changed, or been merged onto a later flight. But they just canceled. Sent an email saying, “Oops, you’re on your own to get off of Crete.”

Not going to lie, I was a little peeved, but I figured I’d just go online and book a new flight.

Go on Expedia and check it out. Get back a screen that says, “Of our more than 400 partners, there are no flights that match your search.” There were indeed no flights at all leaving Crete on our departure day. Or the next day, or the rest of the week.


I searched flying out a day early and found flights. But after that, nothing. An aerial blackout.

I booked us to leave early and spend an extra day in Venice, which isn’t the worst fate in the world.

But really, why did all the flights disappear? Is there a labor dispute? A royal visit? Is the island going to fade into the mist like Brigadoon? Is it something more bland happening, like the airlines losing their contracts?

I may never know, but I will always wonder about the Crete blockade.

Anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Let me know in the comments below.


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