What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Just a Gig April 27, 2018

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I learned a very important lesson a lot of years ago. A job, no matter how beloved and how consistent, is nothing more than a gig.

What can a gig do?

  • Pay you
  • House you
  • Provide artistic fulfillment
  • Allow you to excel in your field
  • Maybe—if you’re super lucky and found a unicorn job—give you health insurance

Those are all pretty great things. I mean, food and housing are vital to life. Assuming you’re working in a field of your choice, getting a chance to work is great, and delving deeper into your profession is excellent.

But here are the things a gig can’t do:

  • Take care of you when you’re sick
  • Make sure you’re not alone on holidays
  • Create a long term life plan that is centered around anything other than the gig
  • Hold you when you’re sad
  • Appreciate you as a complete human
  • Prioritize who you are over what you can contribute to the gig
  • Make sure you don’t die alone

Even the best gigs are still just gigs.

If it comes down to the choice between building a life and clinging to a gig, really think about what you’re holding onto. Having a great gig might give you an awesome conversation starter at a Christmas party, but the gig won’t hold you during the post holiday blues.

The need to eat will never go away, but don’t forget the importance of actually living a full life.


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