What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Sunday Surprise: Megan O’Russell’s New Book, Boy of Blood April 22, 2018

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Getting to know Nola Kent.

Living the Dream

It’s my pleasure to welcome Megan here to Living the Dream this morning. This dystopian and fantasy writer has long been a personal favorite. Megan’s here to tell you about her new book, Boy of Blood, the second book in her Girl of Glass series. Take it away, Megan.

What is the difference between a secret and a lie?

It seems like a silly question, but it is one that haunts Boy of Blood’s Nola Kent.

Boy of Blood: Blurb

After Nightland’s vicious attack on the domes, the safety and perfection of the world within the glass has been contaminated. Desperate to rebuild, outsiders are allowed into the domes to help, breaking the cardinal rule: outsiders and Domers must always be separated. But the city is in shambles, crumbling into chaos without the Vampers of Nightland to keep order, and one name is carried on the wind: Nola.


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