What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Life Lessons with Megan February 16, 2018

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Right now, in my current state of life, I am living on a tour bus (traveling through Texas with no A.C. at the moment) working on a ton of book projects, trying to figure out what my post-tour life is going to look like, and dealing with all the real life things that being an adult requires. It’s crazy, and exhausting, and can be absolutely amazing.


And can leave you scrambling to find a battery-powered fan for when the bus gets too hot for your weak little Lupus lungs to handle.

But in general, it’s all workable. Day to day, sleeping under a bus seat, answering a ton of emails, writing a new book, trying to be a good friend and relation, it can be done.

Here’s the thing. (Please imagine me pulling my soapbox out of my suitcase)

You may not take out your trauma, drama, bad day, or illness on other people. You can’t.

You can ask for help. You can ask for understanding. You cannot use others as a scapegoat, emotional punching bag, or vomit sack for your own problems.

Once more for the people in the back. You cannot take out your issues on other people.

If you’ve had a really screwed up year, that sucks. Find a friend and a bottle of wine and vent. Find a mountain and climb out your frustration. Find a shoulder and cry on it until the shoulder owner is coated in tears and snot.

Do not treat others like garbage because you have low self-esteem.

Do not make others feel bad because what is a dream to you is a job to them.

Do not refuse to communicate because you know you’ve messed up and don’t want to be adult/professional enough to handle the consequences of your own actions.

And for the love of Disney, ice cream, and Mel Gibson movies, do not try and steal joy from others because you are unhappy.

Taking out your drama/trauma on those around you is only perpetuating the cycle of unhappiness and abuse.

It won’t make you popular. It won’t make your experiences better. It won’t make the world a better place.

You can ask for help with your problems. You may not take you problems out on other people.

Now pardon me while I pack my soap box back into my suitcase.


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