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Hear Me Roar! January 30, 2018

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Once upon a time, I had the best day ever in Dublin.


First of all, Dublin is great. There’s a big garden, tons of history, museums, great theatre. And Viking tours.

The husband and I were walking through Dublin when suddenly we heard these people roar. I squeaked and searched for the source of the sound. It was a duck boat filled with people in Viking helmets. I knew at that moment I needed to be on a Viking boat. I needed to roar on the streets of Dublin.

But the duck boat of Vikings drove away, and I didn’t know where they’d gone.

I resolved to continue with my Viking-less life, but my husband found wifi and Googled the starting location of the tour. I basically ran there, ready to give the man however many euros he wanted to let me on the boat.

The duck boat was actually from WWII. Like, Rosie the Riveter made the boat, which starts the whole thing off on a super awesome note. The Viking tour is about Dublin from the Vikings settling in the area (they brought over the red hair) to the rebellion (there are still bullet holes in some buildings, and they had a cease fire for an hour everyday so the ducks in the park could be fed). But the best part was roaring!

The driver would choose an innocent bystander, then he’d count to three and we’d all give our best Viking war cry! It was the best!


The first lady we scared looked back over her shoulder with a shocked face like we’d caught her on the toilet! We scared a group of teenagers and terrorized a coffee shop!

There were a few non-roaring stretches. No Viking roar cries in residential areas of course. But it was the best day. And then they drove the duck boat into the water and we floated along the canal! It was the best time!


I don’t even know if this blog made a damn bit of sense. But screaming on the streets of Dublin was the best thing ever, and I want to fly back just to do it again.


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