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Seeing the Ship January 26, 2018

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When I heard about the Pompeii movie, I knew I didn’t want to see it. I know how it ends (unless they decided to stretch the truth). It’s history, I’ve been to the ruins. Everyone in Pompeii died.

I feel the same way about a lot of Titanic things. I’ve felt the temperature of the ice water people fell into from the deck of the ship. I’ve heard about the drunk chef and the bravery of Mr. Astor. It’s a horrible tragedy that I don’t really feel the need to immerse myself in any further.

But then the husband and I went to Belfast, where the Titanic was built. Needless to say, there’s a huge museum at the shipyard. It’s at the top of the “must dos” in Belfast, so we did it. And I was not sorry.

The Belfast Titanic museum is a far cry from any other memorial museum I’ve been to. The focus is on the building of the ship and the impact on the people of Belfast.

People died building the Titanic. The sounds of construction were so loud, you could hear it all over the city. There used to be a job that was literally to toss red-hot bolts to people to pound into the ship’s frame!

You can learn about all the different industries that were utilized in building the great ship. You can see how they moved the monumental steel bits into place, which is really super impressive considering the technology of the time.

There’s even a ride that takes you through the building of the ship.

It’s unlike any other exhibition I’ve seen. From the design of the ships to the dive to explore the wreck, it covers the whole lifespan of the ship while respecting the memory of those who were lost.

If you’re ever in Belfast go and visit. You won’t be sorry.


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  1. Orvillewrong Says:

    It sounds like you had an interesting day!

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