What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Sneaky Sheep October 7, 2017


Our road trip through the Irish countryside is definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever taken. The wide valleys, the rocky mountains… the sheep.

Most of the sheep are in giant pastures with color-coded butt swatches. And the butt rainbow makes sense. Granted, I am not a sheep expert, but it seems to me that it would get really hard to tell one fluffy sheep from another. So farmers tag their sheep with their gang colors.

Well, one farmer with pink-butt sheep was having a very bad day.

I don’t know how his bad day started. Maybe his fence fell down, maybe local hooligans played a terrible prank, maybe he died and his sheep escaped out of necessity. However it started, the sheep made a bid for freedom and independence.

We spotted the first sheep on the side of the road and just figured he was like ten feet from their given pasture.

But we saw another loose pink-butt sheep a few miles later.

And a few in a pasture with blue butt sheep.

It went on and on. All in all we saw about fifty sheep spread out over twenty miles’ worth of road. There’s no way that farmer is going to get all his sheep back. They are going to be absorbed into other flocks or live in the wild, surviving off their wits and the land.

And part of me feels happy for the sheep. There are getting to have a grand adventure.

But that poor farmer…his day really sucked.


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