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You Have Chosen… Poorly October 3, 2017

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I’m going to combine three stories into one. Maybe a little because it’ll be more interesting and I can create an allegory of doom, maybe a little so I don’t get in trouble.


Once upon a time, I received an email. Basically the email read: Whatever people told you you’ve done well, they were wrong. We found someone better. A new shiny toy that we like much more than we like you. I know that you’ve worked for us and you trusted us, but we’re going to screw you over for no apparent reason. Mostly because our nuggets have been tweaked, and we’ve lost all sense of right in the world.

The funny part is the email came more than a year after the battle had been won. The contract had been signed. The reviews had been given. I’d already won.

But the email sender still felt the need to reject a hard-earned triumph, even at the cost of their own business. So the sender blasted off a long and, pardon the phrase, snatchy rejection of something that had already been bought. Proving themselves inept at their job and incapable of leading.

Why? Why would they shoot themselves in the foot by not only rejecting a product proven to succeed but by also alienating an important resource? We can call it blindness, we can call it incompetence, we can call it the placing of one’s testicles into someone else’s handbag.

But at the end of the day/contract/long awaited email chain, none of that actually matters.

The one who worked hard got screwed, had a ton of cheese and a long hot shower, rose from the mud, proved their worth and triumphed. And the one who refused to see the opportunity they were presented and picked the lesser product? Well…their bottom line just got lower. So, sorry buddy, some choices were made, and your choices were wrong.

So ends the parable of don’t send snatchy emails if you aren’t super sure you’ve bet on the right damn horse.


P.S. Next blog will be loving and embody all things wonderful and include a pack of runaway sheep. I promise the venting thing is not permanent, but better to rant than drink in excess, right? Bueller?


2 Responses to “You Have Chosen… Poorly”

  1. Orvillewrong Says:

    Success is always a good way to prove a point!

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