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For the Love of Music September 19, 2017

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I found my favorite city in the world the moment I heard the music on the street.

First of all we found a parking garage, which was like the freakin’ Holy Grail on this trip. Second, everything we wanted to see was in walking distance of where we parked the car. Third, I found a salad.

So really, I was in a great place to enjoy things in the first place.

But Galway is going to have to be split into two blogs. The latter shall be a tale of magic, music, and a perfect Guiness pour. But first we must discuss the oil-drinking vampire.

After we found my beloved parking garage, we found our hotel.

It’s just a few doors down, right above one of the best pubs in the city. I’m feeling really great about my travel planning choices. Then we walk up to the desk to check in…he has no record of our Expedia booking.

I have the confirmation with me, so I’m all like, “Nope, I like it here. I’ve paid to stay here. Find my booking.”

He reaches for a paper folder to sort through things (apparently, they’d switched systems and lost some bookings, but he didn’t see fit to mention that right away).

As he’s thumbing through paper, a man walks in and asks for two rooms for the night. The concierge says sorry, but he only has one room left… our room. If we had walked in two minutes later, that man would have been in our room over the perfect pub!

The guy gets pissy and leaves, the concierge finds the print out of our reservation and says we can have the room, but it’s on the fifth floor… and the elevator is broken.

Fine. I don’t care. I’ve been drinking a good amount of Guinness on this trip, so stairs are probably a good idea. He also says that they don’t provide breakfast, but some food will be left outside our door in the morning. Weird, but I’m cool with it.

We haul our bags up the non-ergonomically friendly stairs, open the door, and find this.


Why? Who was like, “charming Irish city filled with music. This hotel needs a mechanic vampire”? Who paid money for that picture? Who sat in a budget meeting and thought This is where we should invest our money!

I mean, it was fine. The vampire was fine. The stairs were fine. I had a really great time.

And as for not providing breakfast, they dropped off two yogurts, a breakfast bar, two apples, juice, and coffee fixings. I sort of feel like that is breakfast. Right?

But just think of the poor hotel worker who had to carry crates of that non-breakfast breakfast to the fifth floor for the dozen odd rooms. That poor dude definitely deserves a Guinness.


6 Responses to “For the Love of Music”

  1. orvillewrong Says:

    I too find the Vampire distinctly odd!

  2. orvillewrong Says:

    Like You I find the Vampire a trifle bizarre!

  3. Going to Galway soon, is it the Parliament Hotel? Or something similar?

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