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Stones in the Mud August 5, 2017

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I love hiking. I adore climbing around in the mountains; it’s one of my favorite things. There’s something about the effort required to get to the top that feels tremendous and utterly worth it. When we went to Ireland I knew I wanted to hike…something.

We hadn’t really planned what, exactly, we were going to hike. We just sort of figured we’d find something, and boy did we!

Driving around the Ring of Kerry, the views are absolutely breathtaking. Rocks and sea all tumbled together. Sweet little towns with pubs lined up to give you an amazing lunch.


There is a huge Ring of Kerry hike that you can do. The husband and I had heard of it, but it just couldn’t happen within our timeframe. But Ireland is really great about signs—not so much addresses, but very much with the signs. Signs for historic sites, signs for epic views, even signs for hiking trails. We were driving the Ring and found a sign for part of the Kerry Way, one of the “longest signposted walking trails in Ireland.” We’d been sitting in the car for a really long time, so we decided to get out and hike for a bit. We weren’t really expecting to find much we couldn’t see from the road, but viewing the world on foot is always better to me.

The path cut up to a fence, and there were little stairs to go up and over. Just you know, hop on through and don’t mind the sheep.


The views were absolutely gorgeous! I kept saying just to the next corner, just over the next rise. And then we stumbled upon a wedge tomb just hanging out on a mountain side with some pink butted sheep.


The tomb was so simple yet utterly amazing. This piece of history to remember someone long lost still sits, looking out over the sea.


It’s little hidden gems of an amazing culture that make me miss my time in Ireland so very badly.


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