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An Isle of Magic July 26, 2017

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There are some mornings that are just magical.IMG_0945
And this is coming from a very non-morning person.

After our adventure trying to find the address-less hotel, the time came for our brief day in Killarney National Park.

We started with a boat ride to Innisfallen Island.


We hired a man with a speedboat to ferry us out to this tiny place where the Annals of Innisfallen were written. The island feels like a place that might actually be enchanted. Between the ruins of the abbey and the herd of deer, magic is hidden in every corner of the island.


And where do you take the boat from? The only fully restored castle in Ireland. Right down to the poop shoot, the place has been fixed up!

Did you know that since they just pooed out slits in the building, the decay would create ammonia fumes, and lords would hang their heavy capes in the fumes overnight to kills the bugs that lived in the fur? Gross, but kind of amazing!


And castle living, not that nice. Just stone, a lot of oddly-shaped stairs, and absolutely no privacy. I’ll take palace life over castle life any day!

We visited a mansion, we ate ice cream on the mansion grounds, we hiked out to a waterfall, and we met lovely Irish folk.

It was an amazing day. And I haven’t even mentioned the bit about the raven.



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