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The Ferns of Blarney July 13, 2017

Most of you have probably heard of the Blarney Stone. If you haven’t, here’s the short of it. There’s a stone in Blarney Castle, and if you kiss it, which is way harder than it sounds, btw, you’ll be blessed with the gift of eloquence.


Naturally, when planning our Ireland expedition, we decided we had to swing by Blarney Castle. Yes, I have heard all the awful stories of locals doing terrible things to the stone at night. But if I’m going to start the zombie apocalypse, I’d just assume get the monster germs that end the world doing something memorable.


We had planned to be at Blarney Castle for like an hour. Get in, kiss the stone, and leave. Honestly when we saw the price of admission to the castle grounds I rolled my eyes a bit. It was quite a bit of money to kiss a stone. But then they gave us a map of the Blarney Castle Grounds, and it all made sense.

The Blarney stone is like a tiny side thing in this amazing Irish fairyland! I’m not kidding. There’s a fairy garden!


And paths leading through the woods. There’s an underground cave with hidden tunnels that people escaped through long ago, but no one can figure out how. There’s a poison garden, (marijuana was marked as the most poisonous plant and kept under a very large cage).

There were walled gardens, old towers, and a waterfall.


And the most amazingly magical fern garden I have ever seen.


The glorious grounds were so much cooler than the Blarney stone, and I had never read about them in any of the guide books!

It was inspiring and breathtaking. And I can’t wait to write the fern garden into a book.

Also, and pictures will never do it justice, the green of the leaves and grass is different than what we have in America. It’s bluer and richer. Definitely worth the Emerald Isle name.


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